Rule with an Iron Fish: A Pirate Fishing RPG App Comentários

Exactly what your looking for

Simple, and engaging. Lots of quests and a variety of things to do. The writing is quippy and clever. Perfect game for playing before bed.

Reinstalled A Year Later Hoping For Update

Please, Kestral Games?? Add more content?? (((Dangles money))).

Enjoyable fishing, esp for Animal Crossing fans.

This was a pleasurable, zen fishing game. I had some problems catching the infrequent rare fish (Bubble Algae, I'm looking at you!) but they must have addressed this in an update. I contacted the developers with random game-play questions (and suggestions) on FB, and they quickly contacted me. They were very kind about my suggestions, too. 😊 My only real wish feature now is a special sound when a rare fish shows up (like a tinkle or sparkle noise maybe). That would have helped out a lot since I wanted to watch tv and fish, but didn't want to gaze at my iPhone the whole time. Anyhow, fun game. Great characters and silly tasks. I even enjoyed the Monkey Island references.

Fantastic game!!

Would recommend 100% graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is a a great time waster.

More please!

The best darn value in mobile gaming! Other developers should be taking classes from these guys. If you're on the fence about getting this game, don't be. Just do it.


This is a very fun and clever game. No IAPs!!! Play completely at your own pace. Very humorous. Well done. 100% pleased that I purchased it.

Rule With An Iron Fish

This game is way more fun than I thought it would be when I first downloaded it. It's wacky, witty, and wonderful. Who thought a fishing game could be so entertaining. It's as if Kestral Games took the fishing part of Animal Crossing and threw it in a blender with liquid crazy, and this game was the result. Excellent blending! The characters are silly. The fishing spots have enough variety. There's enough different things to do to keep it fresh. The controls fit well with the game. All in all a very good game. Thanks Kestral Games for this little gem of a game. Oh, the icing on the cake – NO IAP OF ANY KIND – which makes the purchase price of $2.99 a steal.

Great Game

Get it


This game is fun, simple and addicting. No extra purchase in the game just simple fun fishing to earn all the upgrades in the game.

Fun to play, great value

As the title says - one of the most fun ways to completely waste time I've run into in a long time. Buy it!


Slow start but it reels you in.


Totally hooked! Pun intended. Lol. Great game. Easy to pick up and learn. As a completionist it made me keep playing to get 100%

Such soothing fun

Silly humor and relaxing gameplay combine for a great experience. Definitely worth the purchase


A fun game that I can play for hours or minutes at a time. Very relaxing. Everything is actually unlock-able if I play the game, no annoyin ads, no annoying anything really

Fishy in all the right ways.

Excellent writing and gameplay. Well worth a play-through.

Get it

You will not regret...

So much relaxing fun

No in app purchases! This takes me back to days of the original NES. I really enjoy this game!

Well Worth It

This game is incredibly fun and charming. I'm having a lot of fun!

Underwhelming and repetitive

The quests are tedious and the dialogue is longwinded. The gameplay is a bit annoying: when fishing, it is frustrating when you go for a fish and one further away from it gets hooked. Your room and the aquarium should be much more customizable.

Best game in a long time.

I love this so much. Definitely worth the money. I'd love to see more games by this developer.

Won't load anymore but I love this game!

So I purchased his game today and oh my God, I've been playing it for hours but all of a sudden it crashed and now it won't load. It just stays stuck on the splash page. I tried restarting my iPad and it still won't load! Please help me I don't want to have to get rid of this game!

Good game but

The police brutality joke wasn't necessary, if you could call it that Not funny

Pretty awesome!

This game is pretty cool

Charming and addicting without the free to play garbage

Fishing fans don't miss it! Rpg fAns don't miss it!

Cute and fun!

Very cute, fun game to pass the time.

Great RPG with no IAP

I got this game because there are no IAP and it ended up being a great game.

So much fun

So easy to pick up and hard to put down worth every penny! Well rounded game with hours of fun, I would just like to add in put on a new feature, I think it would be stellar to make a fish tank in which you can put fish of your choosing in. That is all

A fun breath of fresh air that isn't money grubbing

So many apps these days try to nickel and dime you to the poor house. This fun little game has a one time entry fee and leaves you to enjoy. The fishing aspect is entertaining, but coupled with quests, crafting, and even a little farming it makes for a fun hodgepodge perfect for a few minutes of fun or an extended play session.

Super fun

I line this game


Awesome game

This game is just amazing

The graphics are amazing and you can literally sit there forever and play it this is hands down the BEST game in the AppStore at the price it's at money well spent.

Love it but..

It crashed and it will not open back up.

Perfect game, want more content

This game is everything I want in a zen rpg. There's exploration and unlocking, quests, VERY satisfying fish collecting, side tasks like cooking/farming... Only complaint is that I got so addicted, I finished everything in one weekend. Really hope there will be more quests added.

This be a treasure, Cap'n!

This is really a solid app. It's simple, straightforward, and a fun way to kill some time. While the game can get a little repetitive as time goes on, it's enjoyable enough to keep you coming back. The dialogue never fails to make me smile and the art is charming as can be!


Delightful little game, cant put it down. worth every penny!

Great Addictive Game

Love it. I keep coming back.

Amazing game

Perfect fun casual

Silly good fun

Relaxed (non-twitchy) gameplay, cute graphics, entertaining premise, and NO IN-APP PURCHASES. What's not to love?

Lots of fun

Cute characters and lots to do

A lot of fun!

I'm having a blast playing this game. The whole thing is kind of out there (in a good way). Most of all, I like that you just pay for the game and play. No freemium gimmicks.

Great game with relaxing gameplay

Awesome game that you can pick up for a few minutes or several. Great way to pass the time while your waiting or just to settle your mind some. No IAPs is awesome too.

Very enjoyable.

It's a great pick-up-and-play game. Just be careful that you don't get sucked into its progression. I spent a few hours the other night and feel like I'm halfway through it. I don't know how long it is or if there will be updates so I don't really know how far I am but I love this game.

Great game!

Very fun game that is not pay to win at all. Enjoyable and comical dialogue, peaceful music, and a lot to do.

Fun, silly, beautiful, no IAP

Title says it all. This game is put together well, from the music and illustration to the gameplay and dialogue. Love it!


Keeps you interested and has some charm with the personality of the characters. Not disappointed paying for a game for once.

Adorable but short

I had a lot of fun, but it did get really grindy in parts, as I tried to collect exactly the fish that everyone wanted towards the end. Short game.


This charming game frequently makes me chuckle with its clever references to everything from Peter Pan to Schrödinger's cat to Lewis Carrol's The Jabberwocky. Getting these sometimes-subtle jokes is not necessary for enjoying the game but it scores major quirky humor points in my book. I'm enjoying this quest-based game. Definitely worth the small fee. Enjoy!

Unique and Funny!

A game that definitely appeals to the kind of gamer who always took far more time than was necessary playing fishing mini-games when there was a world (or whatever) to save. Also, the kind of gamer who loves pirates. It takes a little time to get used to it, but then starts to feel like your tiny, weird, fish-obsessed pirate family. Lots of style, humor and nods to the pirate-y genre.

Amazing game! Tons of hours of play.

I absolutely love this game. No hidden purchases and the price is soooo low for much fun you get. It's not a click based game. The characters are great... their banter is great! I even sent the developers a question and they got back to me asap. Please make more games!



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