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This game is so fun, I love it! All the funny little banter between the characters is great and the descriptions for items are very clever and witty. If you like games with questing, farming, and gathering with a little adventure thrown in this is for you! I would give it 5 stars but I’ve noticed some of the quest fish take WAY TOO LONG to catch. I’m not saying make it easy, I like to earn my loot, but I’ve spent HOURS trying to catch gulper eel and I’ve caught ONE. I need TEN for my quest. I’m starting to get pretty irritated, honestly. But other than that I’ve loved this game tremendously. As an artist, I really love the artwork, too!


Great way to spend a bit of time. Entertaining sense of progress without stressful timelines or constraints. Definitely would recommend as a casual and gratifying game for all ages.

Yawn. 😴 Supper boring game.

I don’t understand why people are playing. It is really really dull. There is not accomplishment or satisfaction from playing. It is quite mundane.


This game isn’t to hard plus it’s kinda relaxing. The quest are easy and for the price it’s a great time killer.

Best game ever.

All I can say is that this game is amazing, the stories are hilarious, and awesome joke a lot and some sarcasm I’ve notice. The art is beautiful. Must have won’t regret.


Great game download and play

awesome game!!!

i wasn’t sure at first but after a couple of minutes playing this i really started to like it!! the characters are adorable and the art is amazing. the gameplay is highly addictive and i would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Lovely game

Thank goodness for devs that still make pay once to play instead of ad marathons. This is such a fun creative game. Seems long (so far, I’m a couple days in). Funny, lots to do and discover. You do have to like the fishing part as that can feel repetitive but the game quickly is adding items that make that faster (farming recipes etc)

So adorable and addicting!!

I have played this game nearly nonstop since I downloaded it yesterday! I love all the clever dialogue and fish designs and funny descriptions, and I love that I got to play as a female character and that she was the default 🤗 I *also* love that it’s pay-once and play, soooo much better than freemium. I really hope this studio makes a sequel or more games, because I think I’ll 100% this one soon, I’m having so much fun! 🎉🎉🎉

I don’t understand why I’m addicted

But I am, and it was worth every penny.

Hilariously fun

Best. Fishing. Game. EVER. Hands down, the funniest fishing game on the App Store. The gameplay is great and the graphics are beautiful. Looking forward to a sequel *hint, hint*

This tricked me

You would think by the look of this game and the reviews and rating it has that it would be a fun, awesome game. This was the opposite. This game is very boring and just has a thousand side quests that are also boring. Don’t waste your money. Or, you don’t have to take me for my word and get the game. Your choice.

Fun and relaxing

Well-designed and interesting. Fun without being frantic. Lots of character and quests.

Rather enjoyable experience.

Cute, low-stress fishing game. The fishing itself, while feeling a tad repetitive, is simple enough to understand while still engaging. The dialogues are humorous, and there’s many quests to keep you out and actively fishing. Replay value is limited, other than the gender reversal as you play as the twin (only after you finish the main quests in the game once, I believe). I also encountered a bug when I started playing where the first quest I was given never updated when I completed the goal. This was easily fixed by closing and refreshing the app though. Lastly I find the rare fish a bit tedious, because there are times where it takes 30 seconds to a minute for one to appear, and other times where it’d take literally 5-10 minutes. It was a bit frustrating, especially in later game when you need to fish several of one type of rare fish and said fish never appears.

No Regrets

It’s nice to get away from micro transaction based games and find that nice gem that promises you exactly what it’s selling. $3.99 is a gallon of gas to some, yet this game lasts a lot more than a mile. Great idle play, I love the collecting aspect and the wit of the names. The plot is a little dry, but it’s engaging in a lot of other ways. Perfect game for boredom


Really enjoyed this!

Iron fish

I love the good game make mor


Definitely a must buy. This game is the best, and there are no ads, no IAP, and it’s probably the only RPG I’ve actually liked playing on mobile. If you like RPG games, you’ll love this one. At only 3 bucks, it’s a steal, and I hope the developers continue to make great games like this one. Apple, this game needs Editor’s Choice. Thanks for reading my review!

Witty and Fun!

This is a humorous game with an addictive gameplay loop. There are no micro transactions and I can see myself playing this for a while. I’m glad I bought it.

Great game!

Very entertaining and worth every penny!

Not pay to win

This is such a refreshing change. I am really enjoying this game. It’s simple but fun and actually relaxing. I mean who doesn’t like fishing?

Fun fishing game

Arrrrrrrrsome! Great mini fishing game and no pesky ads or in app restrictions


There’s no greater tail. And that’s no fluke.

Pet Bug

I love this game but have noticed a bug. I unlocked the Pi-Kitten and bought it but every time I leave the game and go back in, it resets and I lose it but I don’t get the coins back. It does let me keep the feline floater. Strange glitch though. Other than that, this is a great game if not a little frustrating when you have one fish you need to complete a quest and can’t catch it to save your life.

Great game!

It’s really fun.

Cute and Funny

It’s an adorable game with funny little remarks and dialogue. The frog fish’s first info box made me laugh the most. No pawing for micro purchases or ad spamming at all. It’s a relaxing game with cute artwork. Worth the money.

This game....

IS AMAZING, it just has that humor that you don’t think you should laugh at, but you do anyway, and I like the fishing, just overall, could not recommend more👍

So much satisfaction!!

I searched for the top paid mobile RPGs in the App Store and saw this one with all the great reviews, so I decided to give it a try. Did not disappoint!! No ads and no in-app purchases. Fun and clever story. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’d give it more than 5⭐️ if I could!

A waste of money

Worse game I ever played. Stupid talking between game characters. I still do not understand the goal of this game. I have been sitting on an ice block catching fish for days with no idea of what to with the fish that were caught. Dumb!!

Great game

Really enjoyed a quiet weekend finishing this game.

Worth it.

I don’t usually pay for games, but this one seemed different. It did not fail to meet me expectations, but rather exceeded them!! I definitely recommend this game to anyone who is able to purchase it.

Clever funny writing, good art & music

I like playing this game right before I go to sleep. The background music is soothing and the gameplay is just interesting enough to keep my mind from wandering. The conversations with various characters are fun to read, and the fish names and descriptions are often clever.

Great game

To be honest it seemed cheesy at first, but then I grew to really enjoy the fishing aspect and story line of the game. It’s simple but fun, and well worth the money

Iron Fish

Excellent game that never asked for more cash after the initial out lay for the game it self. Had lots of fun playing and look forward too more.

Super dull

This game has no skills or strategy involved. Just point and click. Even if you point wrong you get to move it without penalty. Not worth $3 for the cute fish names. Played until I got to a new boat/fishing spot thinking it might liven things up but no. It's the same aimlessly pointing at blobs in a new color scheme.

What mobile games should be

Reasonably priced, with hours of enjoyment requiring no IAP. Well written dialogue with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Gameplay is simple enough not to be a burden while navigating public transit or other typical mobile activities, but it still addicting and engaging enough to keep you coming back. Great job, devs!


Lots of fun, plenty of items to buy and ways to upgrade. Well made and smooth gameplay.

Fun little fishing game.

Enjoyed the humor and variety of fish. I hope the sequel is much longer. Great job!

Good but not incredible

It’s quite fun but not incredible. Very funny at times. Really nice to not have a pay to win mechanic in the game.

Such a fun, enjoyable game!

It’s relaxing, but not boring!

Wasting all me time, in a good way!

If you want a fishing game with a small story line then this is the game for you and it is done well. Play it.

Fantastic game!!

Would recommend 100% graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is great! A great time waster. Not to mention no ads or IAP which is rare for games today. New updated add more fun to an already amazing game keeping it fresh.


Best iPhone game I’ve played in a while no micro transactions just gaming.

Love this game

Itʻs eady and addicting

Perfect Little Game

Portrait Online No in-app purchases Fun setting Nicely paced progression RPG upgrading Easy to look at art style Highly recommended! *Just one little thing it’s missing: iCloud saves.

Great game with no IAP

I originally bought this game because there were no in app purchases. I ended up loving it. It’s such a fun game and I wish there were more games like it on the App Store.

Its very cute

I finally found a game thats not a play to win


Best phone game I’ve ever played. I love that people can’t spend money to level up. It’s all play time and skill

Exactly what your looking for

Simple, and engaging. Lots of quests and a variety of things to do. The writing is quippy and clever. Perfect game for playing before bed.

Reinstalled A Year Later Hoping For Update

Please, Kestral Games?? Add more content?? (((Dangles money))).

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